A Copper Sprinkler Adds a Touch of Class to Your Lawn

If you take a great deal of pride in the appearance of your lawn, you may want to consider replacing your current sprinklers with a copper sprinkler system. One thing that will really appeal to you is having a plain old sprinkler head on your lawn.

Here are some examples of how these attractive sprinkler heads may give you the look you desire.

The most common of the copper type sprinkler heads is the model that is able to rotate and covers a wide area of your lawn. Generally constructed of copper fittings and brass swivels, these units are often at ground level and can be designed to appear as garden globes when not in use. When activated, the sprinkler will be able to extent in size from six to eighteen inches in height and adequately supply water to a large area of your garden.

Having a sprinkler system that has the appearance of various types of flowers may appeal to your sense of aesthetics. These units can be discreetly placed islands and flowerbeds, and aimed in the direction of the lawn. When not in action, they are able to easily blend in to your landscaping plan. When active, a sprinkler system of this type is able to adequate watering for range of up to fifteen feet in diameter.

There are also the sprinkler systems that have a smaller range of coverage per head that might be more appealing to you. This will result in more of a misting effect and are great of flower beds and vegetable gardens. Whilst not a visually effective as the flower sprinkler, they do tend to create that sense of ambiance without being too much of an eyesore. This type of unit, typically has anywhere from six to twelve sprinkler heads, with each being capable of covering a thirty-foot diameter with a fine mist of water.

It should not be impossible to blend the utility of a robust sprinkling system with an appearance that works wondering with your landscaping. For inspiration on how you can accomplish this task, visit your local garden centre and discover the various types of decorative sprinklers on the market. Chances are that you will find a system that is ideal for your lawn.

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