An Inglenook Might Be Right For You


An is a cozy chimney corner designed to fit adjacent to the fireplace and most often used as a warming area for a home or pub. The origins of the inglenook began during medieval times when frosty nights would draw a gathering around the chimney corner for relaxation and conversation. Today, the inglenook remains practical, as well as aesthetic, to add a touch of charm and grace to any commercial or residential room. The characteristics of the inglenook vary slightly from the traditional fireplace, and perhaps an inglenook is right for you.

The architecture that favors the utility and beauty of an inglenook includes rustic country cottages, barn conversions and any other that reflects a homey look and feel. The inglenook gets goods use in the winter months and is a real crowd pleaser for intimate gatherings on a chilly night.

Although there is no official placement for your inglenook, a popular choice is to construct one in or near to the kitchen. The heat of the hearth radiates into the immediate vicinity and was used in the medieval era to warm the pots and pans. This practice is used today in country cabins where life is wonderfully slow and simple. In today’s modern kitchens, you may opt to place your inglenook near to the dish buffet, hutches and let the fire warm up your flatware collection. To add that authentic ambience, try a few decorative glass jars, colorful canisters and a vibrant collection of copper pots and pans.

An inglenook may be constructed to fit any room and decor, however, the traditional appeal is still widely favored by inglenook enthusiasts. The classic inglenook may be constructed around dry wall and adorned with richly textured brick or natural stone settings in a variety of shapes and colors. Accent this classic and timeless design with hurricane lamps and candles to capture the feel of Old England and make your inglenook corner the favorite spot in the .

Whether you choose a vintage inglenook design or prefer a more modern update, the inglenook ambience is quite adaptable to a variety of decorative delights to spruce up your cozy corner. Accents in French Chateau, Rococo, Shabby Chic and more blend beautifully with a contemporary inglenook fire. Homes located in the southwest region may prefer a Native American ambience or the clean-cut colored tile appeal in abstract or mosaic design. When it comes to decorating and self expression, there is no right or wrong. If an inglenook is right for you, then any option from the traditional to the avant-garde makes your inglenook a special one of a kind creation.

Building your own inglenook can be done with a do-it-yourself project kit, however, careful attention must be paid to the size and placement of the flue. For best results and insurance that the inside construction is done safely, consult a professional for the inner workings of your inglenook, then take full charge of the cosmetic exteriors and apply your creative energy on your own.

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