Before You Buy Bonsai – What You Need to Know


When you go out to buy an indoor bonsai tree, there are several things to consider. You want to get a tree that is as healthy as possible, especially if this is your first bonsai. If you start with a healthy tree, you job will be to care for and train your tree. If you start out with a tree that is at less than optimum health, you will need to get the tree healthy before you move forward. By learning 3 things you will be ready to buy bonsai with confidence.

Do NOT Buy Bonsai From a Discount or Grocery Store

If you do, odds are high that your tree will be less than healthy. The objective of these stores is to sell you a tree, not to give you a healthy tree that will thrive into the future. The best place to buy bonsai is from a local bonsai nursery. If this is not possible, the next best place is a nursery or a reputable online bonsai nursery.

Consider the Species Carefully

You want to choose a species that thrives in the environment in which you intend to place your tree. Bonsai, after all, are simply miniature versions of natural counterparts. If you intend to keep your bonsai as an indoor bonsai tree, you want to choose a Tropical or Subtropical species, as these tend to thrive in conditions similar to what is found in most homes and offices.

Look for Warning Signs of Poor Health

There are several things that you can look for which indicate a tree is not as healthy as it may first appear. Broken or injured branches or trunk are a red flag that the bonsai has not been taken care of properly. Yellow or spotted leaves indicate that disease or shock are present and also indicate a tree in poor health. Weeds present in the soil are also a bad sign because they are taking needed nutrients from the tree. If you gently bump the pot and the tree teeters, you want to avoid this tree as the roots are not strong and healthy.

If you follow these 3 simple guidelines when you go to buy bonsai you will start your bonsai experience out on the right foot. Make sure you buy bonsai from a reputable bonsai nursery either locally or online, choose the correct species for where you place it, and look for the warning signs of a tree in poor health. Doing this will allow you to embark on a hobby that will bring relaxation and beauty into your life.

Learn more about the critical things you need to know before you buy bonsai from Kathleen Rolloff and her Indoor Bonsai Tree blog.

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