Cheap Garden Furniture – Some Ideas

First of all, if you’re going to buy cheap garden , you need to remember that you may sacrifice for a low price. Whether that matters to you probably depends on whether you just want your garden furniture to see you through this summer season or whether you expect it to last for years. Unfortunately, if you buy cheaply, there is no chance that it will last. Probably the sturdiest cheap garden furniture is cast iron. It certainly is durable although it may need repainting from time to time. The drawback with this is (a) it’s not very comfortable unless you have nice thick cushions and (b) it’s so heavy, that once you’ve placed it in your garden, it will be a real hassle to move it again.

Wooden benches made from pine are quite cheap, but you may need to apply a weatherproofing solution or they will rot and discolour quite quickly. You also cover them when not in use. It’s possible that you’ll have to do a bit of do-it-yourself if your pine bench is really cheap as it may not have been planed properly and could have some rough bits on which you may snag your clothes or even your skin. However, some fine sand paper and patience can soon solve this problem.

Aluminium furniture is also quite inexpensive and is often foldable so that you can store it in a shed for the winter. However, being so light, if you live somewhere very windy, it may not be your best choice as it could be blown away.

The cheapest garden furniture is plastic, which can last quite well if you take care of it. Don’t leave this stuff in full sun all the time as the plastic becomes brittle and can splinter when you sit on it, dumping you in a heap on the floor. It can also discolour, so when it’s not in use, cover it up.

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