Combat Impotence with a Shovel!

, or erectile dysfunction, is one of the most common and frustrating male disorders. It affects about 20 million American men over the age of 20. In other words, one in ten men suffers from inability of satisfactory sexual performance.

Impotence is often believed to have psychological causes. Recent statistics shows that around 30 percent of men are impotent because of psychological factors such as stress, depression, strains in the family, anxiety, hard lines at work, etc. But the majority of erectile dysfunction causes are physical. Among them are hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, neurological problems and many others.

Sexy gardenerOf course, the methods of treatment of impotence are vastly studied within urology. As a matter of fact, they are mostly about drugs and psychotherapy. But not so long ago the journal European Urology published the most original study claiming that maintains erectile function and, consequently, can improve one’s sexual life. Scientists examined 700 men (aged 45 to 60) and found that even low but regular physical activity could lead to encouraging results. In fact, burning up 1,000 calories a week is enough to maintain erectile function. It means that one may work in the garden (weed, maw, dig, water, or prune) for just half an hour a day in order to always stay confident about his sexual performance. Literally speaking, one may combat impotence with a shovel!

It must be said that the study created quite a stir, as many famous gardening TV celebrities immediately spread the news that made gardening a significant part of millions of men all over the world. No doubt, gardening has never been more . Also there has been a move towards organic food. Well, it must be amazing when one’s life becomes not only more organic but also more orgasmic at the same time.

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