Curtailing Growth Of Pond Weeds

So, you’ve always wanted your own pond, and after you have invested substantial finances and many hours of hard work, you have finally realized this dream. And you started thinking of the most pleasant of thoughts about the blissful delights that your own pond will provide for you and your family for many, many years.

Chances are, such thoughts would have been shattered once you have observed the rapid growth of pond weeds on the water. These weeds can immediately diminish the beauty of your pond, but such is not the only evil they will bring. They can also ruin the ecosystem you have tried your best to establish for your pond. They steal essential nutrients from your water , which will eventually obliterate them. This will mean less oxygen and less food for your fishes, and they, too, are faced with the prospect of elimination.

Additionally, pond weeds can easily the breeding for pests and dangerous animals, such as snakes and mosquitoes. These can be hazardous to the health of people .

Indeed, something must be done against pond weeds, and the homeowner isn’t totally powerless against them. Here are some ways that can help you get rid of these unwanted pond weeds:

* Make sure that you’ll maintain a running stream of water in your pond to prevent it from becoming stagnant. Stagnant water is the number one reason for the growth of weeds. You can do this by integrating a waterfall in your setup, or at least, a more powerful pump that will keep the water in the pond moving.

* You can try some herbicides that are specially formulated to kill weeds – and weeds alone. The herbicide you will consider should be safe for your water plants and fishes.

* Try integrating a skimmer for your pond. Skimmers clean the surface of the water at the slightest intrusion of foreign objects in the pond. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of seeds and sprouts before they can develop into full sized weeds.

* Worse comes to worst, you can always try the manual approach, that is, hand pulling the weeds from the pond. This will be quite difficult, and very taxing, however, especially if the weeds have taken over a sizable area of the water.

These methods may not exactly be easy, but they are efficient. They empower the homeowner to combat the dangers that weeds bring. The rest is up to the homeowner to implement.

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