Go Green In Your Garden With Sustainable Stepping Stones That Last A Lifetime

When purchasing for your , doing so in a sustainable way saves money and lightens our footprint on the earth. So many products are used for a short time, and discarded, while going green can save you both time and money.

Stones With a Lifetime Guarantee

Some stepping stones are made to use a year or two, and then they fade and break down in the elements. These add quick and economical color or whimsy to the garden or a setting, but a more long-lasting choice is to buy cast stone with a lifetime guarantee. There are of whimsical phrases now available for your garden, your soul mate, and for a loved one-including your pets. Made of the finest quality, these are stones that will last forever – and they are guaranteed to do just that! Just of few of the groups :

Whimsical : I tried, but it died; Life is a Garden, Dig it!; or Grow Dammit

Spiritual : Believe; Faith; One is Nearer God’s Heart In a Garden …; God Bless You; God Grant Me The Serenity…

Patriotic : God Bless America

Memorial : Roses for Mother; If Tears Could Build A Stairway; Planted as a Living Memorial; Gone Yet Not Forgotten; Remember; Perhaps The Stars In The Sky Are Loved Ones…; Miss You

Pets : Dogs/Cats Leave Paw Prints on our Hearts; Best Friend; May I Always be the Kind of Person My Dog Things I Am; Have Your A Dog/Cat in Heaven …

Friendship : Friends are Flowers That Never Fade; Friendship Is A Rainbow …; It Takes A Long Time To Grow An Old Friend; A Friend loveth at All Times

Welcome : Welcome; Welcome to Our Home; Welcome to Our/My Garden; Welcome the Hope that Flowers Bring

Family : A Sisters Love …; Mothers Touch your children, fathers, hug them tight…; My father didn’t tell me…;

Love : Grow Old Along With Me…; Live Well, Laugh Often, Love much; In My Life, Dear Brother…

Garden : What Is Paradise, but a Garden; Secret Garden; Happiness is Homegrown

There are hundreds of phrases from which to choose, but most importantly, they last a lifetime, and can be passed on from generation to generation. This is what makes these eco-friendly and worth the investmest. The memory of giving or receiving such a gift is priceless. The “Grow Dammit” my son gave to me reminds me of him every time I see it, and makes my smile just thinking about it hanging in my greenhouse while my seedlings are taking root.

There are hundreds of these lifetime guaranteed stepping stones available for you at trellismart.com along with other eco-friendly rustic furniture and garden accessories .

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