Koi Fish Ponds

A typical reason that many people keep a pond is to keep fish in it. Koi is an admired type of fish to keep in a pond due to it being colorful and hardy. Unless the pond will be located in an area that has extreme weather , Koi fish ponds will not need assistance from special heating equipment. If it’s your aim to maintain fish in the fond, it is likely that pumps and filters will need to be used. These are essential to ensure that your fish received the appropriate oxygen level. For anyone living in a cold climate, it will also be necessary to take advantage of a heater to prevent the water from freezing over.

Koi is a Japanese word that means carp. Koi is a species of carp that originated in eastern Asia and is related closely to the common goldfish. These fish are available in different varieties that are distinguishable by colors, pattern, and scales.

A koi will require a lot of space. They are certainly not the type of fish to keep in your home, if you intend to keep Koi; they must be accommodated with 240 gallons per fish. The quantity of koi that you may be kept will largely be determined by the size and depth of the koi pond. Due to koi being cold water fish you will need to have a meter or more in depth in environments that have humid summers. It is reside in a region that has severe winters then you should not have a koi pond that is less the 41/2 feet deep. This is critical so that the water does not freeze solid because the deeper the pond, the more water you will have the does not freeze.

Koi fish will eat on a selection of foods. These include foods such as peas and lettuce. It is also possible to buy specialist koi food. For the winter months the koi digestive system slows down noticeably. In truth is not uncommon for koi to munch on just a few nibbles of algae during the full winter period. In view of this reason, you should not feed you koi once the water drops below 50 degrees. Because their digestive system will basically grind to a halt, any food they have in stomach once the water hits below 50 degrees, may go rancid and this harm the koi fish ponds environment.

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