Methods of Rodale Organic Gardening


For those interested in organic farming, it is a great idea to know something about Rodale organic gardening, and how it can help you. This method of gardening specializes in the knowledge of proper organic farming, and provides information and guides to others who are interested in it. A method of gardening claims to be soil-centric, it can give technical inputs on how to make better soil for growing.

The handling of soil in a correct manner allows the soil to very dark, as it gets carbon which makes the soil richer and compost filled. Its advantage is that the compost will help it retain moisture and also absorb oxygen from the air. This in turn stimulates and feeds the organism in the soil. Soil which is brown in colour will not perform anywhere near this dark type of soil. The darker the soil, the better it is, as the black color indicates that it has been made from plant material, and how very good it is as a fertilizer.

The basic theory from Rodale organic gardening states that if you create and add compost to your soil two to three times a year, you will not need to fertilize. Basically the promotes five principles for organic farming. Advocating that too much money should not be spent on organic farming, it recommends thinking long term. The intent being that over a period of time with continuous handling, the soil becomes very very fertile. Generally compost takes over three months to get ready.

Rodale suggests that compost beds should not be walked upon as it prevents nutrients from mixing well. It also prevents aeration. An infested plant must be destroyed. Rodale also suggests the help of insecticidal soap for pest control. Even natural pesticides are considered harmful to the soil as the soil may get contaminated. As chemical pesticides are not used, planting a variety of herbs and annuals throughout the garden helps bio-diversity. And in the cycle of life, this will ensure that birds appear in the garden helping to keep pests under control.

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