Orbit Sprinkler System

If you are looking for a good product line to keep a home’s lawn and garden properly watered than you be looking to the Orbit sprinkler line. These are not made for large commercial use but are instead aimed at the average householder’s needs. They are more than reasonably priced and can be found at most of the well-known superstores or large hardware stores. By going with this system you become the designer of what you want in your own yard.

If it’s an Orbit sprinkler system you are choosing you have to be prepared to install and maintain it yourself. The landscaping services only install commercial watering systems and so will not agree to have anything to do with this system. As well, if is repair work necessary on the Orbit sprinkler you will have to go to one of the stores that carry the system since they will be the only places that will carry parts. Buy the part you need and then you will have to be the one to make the repair. These same landscaping companies will only make repairs with parts that they have in stock. That means they’ll use a mismatched part and then take no responsibility if something goes wrong. It could cause you so many more problems. It is always important to use parts, when making repairs, which are the exact right fit.

The Orbit sprinkler system can be bought with a timer so that you can water your lawn while you are out shopping or at work. You simply set the timer for the time of day you want the lawn watered and it will do the rest. In essence you are setting the time for one sprinkler to water an area, but the ones you have set up will follow. You cannot program each sprinkler. The system only allows you to set the program for two weeks at a time, but once this is over it just starts again for another fourteen days. The Orbit sprinkler system timer can also be set on a twenty-eight day basis if you are alternating watering days. It can be set to water on even days or on odd days.

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