Problem Of Lake Weeds

Lake , or those green, grass-like plants that are capable of growing in lakes in vast numbers, are able to take over the body of water as a very rapid pace. Weeds tend to grow everywhere, it seems. Not only restricted to the natural occurrences of gardens all across the world, but they can also grow just as easily in bodies of water where the surface is almost stagnant.

Weeds in the lakes can pose a real danger to aquatic life. They remove the critical nutrients from beneficial plants within the water system. Some weeds are also poisonous to the smaller fishes. The most noticeable negative that this weed type brings to the table, however, it having the ability to make the lake look unsightly.

Of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The repercussions will run far deeper than that, as you could imagine. Because of the many perils that that weeds bring into the system, the ecosystem of the lake will suffer a terrible hit. The consequences can be grave when the balance is disturbed. The number of beneficial plants will begin to dwindle. The small fished will eventually be wiped out in view of the reduction in food. The bigger fishes will have limited fish to prey on, and they will likewise be obliterated from the lake too.

The end result will be a lake that is devoid of all interesting life form, a dead lake that will only moroseness to the surrounding environment. Such will not be a pretty sight.

These aquatic weeds also have the potential to pose danger to humans who may use the lake for various reasons. The possible effects would be to tangle up the rotor blades or a boat’s outboard . If you take over a larger enough area, they could a breeding ground for dangerous animals such as mosquitoes, water snakes, and the likes. And finally, the can decimate the aquatic population, resulting in the death of the financial prospects of the local fisherman, aquaculture harvesters, hunting guides, and similarly situated activities.

It is important that something is done about the weeds that continue to grow in the lakes. Many people will attempt the more basic approach that is, yanking the weeds out of the water. But given the buoyancy of the water and troublesome positions required for this task, it is certain not an effective strategy.

In order to establish a more effective approach, people have started to use herbicides to remove these weeds. There are some herbicides that a specially intended to kill water weeds, without causing any harm to the surround fishes as well as plant life. This has easily resulted in the most efficient action in curtailing the growth, and eliminating the presence, of unwelcome lake weeds.

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