Quality Birdhouses Have These Requirements For Bird Nesting Success in Your Garden


Now is the time to find the perfect for the nesting birds that are visiting your garden. Birds and birders alike are looking for the perfect home to raise their young avian broods. The best birdhouse has an unfinished interior, with holes the correct size for each species. Features include recommended finishes, both inside and outside, hole size, proper materials, drainage, ventilation, and easy maintenance. Find the right birdhouse to allow a larger number of successful broods to be raised throughout the summer. You, your family and friends will enjoy the avian activity throughout the gardening season.

Features A birdhouse made of wood gives better insulation from the hot daytime temperatures and holds heat during the cooler nights. This allows for a more even heat for the young, allowing the parents to use less energy to keep the birdhouse at the optimum temperature for their young birds’ quick growth and development. Many song birds, including chickadees, titmice, wrens, and nuthatches prefer a 1 1/4″ size hole in order to keep larger birds and predators out of their birdhouse.

Other birdhouse features needing attention are ventilation, drainage, and nontoxic materials. Ventilation allows a more even temperature for the nest during the warm days of summer. Drainage holes allow to drain away, thereby reducing the risk of disease. Nontoxic materials are a must for healthy development of your new brood.

Birdhouse Maintenance

When purchasing a quality birdhouse , birders look for easy maintenance boxes that allow for quick clean-out. The top, side, or back can usually be removed or opened on for easy care. This minimizes disease and pest problems by complete removal of the previous nest. Successful nesting boxes may require two or three clean-outs a year. When boxes are provided earlier in the season, birds will begin their nesting as much as two weeks earlier, thereby allowing time to raise an extra brood in the same year.

We recommend birdhouses with an unfinished interior, and a nontoxic exterior finish or no finish at all. The construction materials should be entirely nontoxic with hardwood being the preferred material. Drainage, ventilation, and easy clean-out design are all important features that a quality birdhouse will offer your birds. This ensures a higher fledgling rate so you have many young birds for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Hurry to get your new birdhouse up soon since they are scouting for their new homes now. These birdhouses that will offer your nesting birds the most success this summer can be found at Trellismart.com along with other unique garden decor and gardening needs for your landscape.

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