Rodale Organic Gardening – An Introduction


Rodale organic gardening is something that every organic farming enthusiast should be aware of. The guidelines of proper organic farming have been mentioned in a clear cut way in this method of gardening. This particular method gives a lot of importance to the soil and helps you know how you can improve the quality and fertility of the soil making it for cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

The soil is said to have been handled properly only if it becomes very dark, which is the result of carbon accumulation. This is what determines the fertility of the soil. Such soil contains more compost which helps in retaining moisture and absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere. Black is the color that distinguishes fertile soil from that which is low in fertility. This simply means that your soil is said to be extremely fertile only if it is black in color.

Rodale organic gardening primarily states that one need not use fertilizers for their plants if they add compost twice or thrice a year. This method emphasizes on the five principles of organic farming. Compost takes just 3 months to get prepared but the benefit it bestows on the plants sustains for an unbelievably long time. Hence it is of prime importance to leave it unperturbed for the duration mentioned.

Rodale strongly feels that walking upon compost beds is not a good practice as it prevents nutrients from combining. Aeration gets obstructed too due to this. Rodale is completely against the usage of any form of pesticides, even those that are fully natural. He suggests the usage of insecticidal soap to ward off pests. This method extremely natural helps in keeping pests at bay and thus improves the bio-diversity. If you are successful in following this method you can see many birds in your garden eager to drive away pests.

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