Rose Bush Care

Rose bush care doesn’t have to be difficult, but you just need to know a few simple rules before you begin the growing process. Maintenance with your car is important to keep it running smoothly, so it only makes sense that with something as beautiful as a rose bush will need some upkeep as well. Proper rose bush care includes the proper location for planting, , sunlight and adequate water. Roses need to be planted in a spot where they are going to get nearly a full day of sunlight; shade is not beneficial for any rose bush. Just as humans need enough sunlight and Vitamin D, rose bushes need sunlight in order to grow.

The best rose bush care means that you want to give your rose bushes the best in fertilizer. Fertilizer for rose bushes doesn’t just include potting soil mix or top soil, but you need to be sure that you give your rose bushes a phosphorous rich soil bed. The best soil you can use for rose bush care is a mix of top soil, “bonemeal”, and natural compost. Top soils can be found at any garden center, and if you aren’t sure just ask the workers there to see what they recommend.

Bonemeal is just what it says; crushed bone, and it’s finely ground down so you can mix it in with your top soil. Natural compost is just a mix of dead leaves and foliage that naturally occurs over time. This happens when leaves fall to the ground, or it can be residue from cut grass, and dead and branches from other plants around the rose bush. These are all good sources of phosphorous rich soil you can use in your rose bush care.

Proper rose bush care requires regular maintenance, so take care in the first year and be sure that the dead blooms are being plucked on a regular basis. The leaves should be allowed to fall from the bush naturally, so don’t pluck them. This should be done once a week depending on the condition of your rose bush. If you have to pluck them too quickly, then your rose bush may have other problems. Be sure to examine your rose bush on a regular basis as they can get a fungal disease and would need further care.

When spring time rolls around, you will need to remove any mulch that is left over from the winter season. Winter destroys the mulch bed, and all these materials should be removed in a timely manner. Any new roses that haven’t established roots yet, meaning any new plants should be planted once all of the dead mulch has been removed. It is important that your roses have good, , strong mulch so that your rose bed is protected from elements. As the much dies, it no longer has the ability to protect your roses carefully.

is also another important part of your rose bush care. It is important that after the winter season you do some major pruning for your rose bushes. It is also important to shape them so that they don’t grow out of control. Some rose bushes tend to climb, and when they grow too large they can weigh the rest of the rose bush down. When pruning them, be sure to not only prune away the dead stems but take good care in giving your rose bush a beautiful shape.

Summertime is the best time for you to plant your potted roses, so be sure to wait for this climate change to do this. During the summer season, your rose bush care will go up a notch, with taking extra care to look at your dead blooms a little more frequently. Sever humidity and hot temperatures can really affect your rose bush, so look at your rose bush carefully during the summer season.


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