Synthetic Turf for Dogs

Artificial grass lawns are the ideal alternative to natural lawns for households with any breed of dog. All artificial turf products on the market have been engineered specifically to withstand pet usage. There are several reasons why an artificial grass lawn is idyllic for families that own dogs. Dog kennels, dog hotels, and dog shows have adopted synthetic grass due to its pet-friendly . Several dog owners and households with dogs have also been pleased with artificial grass lawns for several reasons.

Artificial grass products are composed of polypropylene and polyethylene. These components are then melted together and extruded into long yarn-like strands that are later tufted together. All of the materials used are nontoxic for all dogs. Should any part of the product be ingested, it will not pose a serious threat to any pet’s life. Washed sand is used to help synthetic grass blades maintain its upright aesthetic, even after heavy usage. Even the largest dogs that try to dig through the grass are not able to puncture or ruin artificial turf of its strong backing. Most synthetic grass products have warrantees that last for up to 10 years, should any lawn become torn or defective.

The latest artificial turf products have been made to look and feel just like a natural lawn. New technological breakthroughs in engineering have allowed the synthetic grass industry to create artificial grass products that closely resemble real grass. Your dog will be able to the comfort and feel of a natural yard. Dogs love the feel of synthetic grass, while owners do not have to worry about staining or discoloration found on real grass lawns.

Maintaining a synthetic turf lawn with dogs is very simple. Pet waste and odors will never be a problem. This is because the revolutionary draining system allows liquids and pet urine to permeate through the surface of the turf, ensuring that it does not accumulate or flood. Pet urine, though very acidic in nature, does not eat away at the material of synthetic grass. Solid pet waste can simply be expelled by the use of a hose. Other small messes can be removed with household cleaners. If any debris or leaves pile upon artificial turf surfaces, they can simply be manually picked up or hosed off. Should the grass blades fail to maintain their upright aesthetic, a hard-bristled brush can be used to brush the blades in opposite directions to straighten them out.

With an artificial grass lawn, there leaves no room for barren spots or discoloration. Dogs will not be able to dig through and kill grass. Muddy areas and are also preventable with synthetic grass lawns. With the lack of mud, you no longer have to worry about tracking noticeable paw prints on your porch and inside your house. Artificial grass proves to be the better lawn alternative for those with dogs as pets. Synthetic grass allows you to create a customized pet-friendly environment for your dog without the worry of heavy maintenance or health hazards.

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