Types of Fences for Your Yard


Interested in fencing in your yard? There are many fencing options that may work for your home if you know what you are looking for. One of the first to consider is whether you desire a fence for visual appeal or practical function. Another option to think about is whether you want your fence to be made of metal, vinyl, or wood. Wood fencing is frequently considered the most visually appealing, but vinyl and metal options may work better for longevity and fencing in animals like dogs. Read on for some of fencing options to consider, and what they do for your yard.

Picket Fence

Picket fences usually come in wood and vinyl options. They make a great visual barrier to mark the edge of a property in a front yard, but don’t do a good job of keeping anything in or out due to space between the slats. The picket fence is frequently chosen for aesthetic reasons out of either wood or vinyl, though with careful attention to the space between pickets and the hight of the fence, it may be a reasonable option for safely fencing in animals or children as well.

Slat Fence

For a more southwestern look, some people consider getting a fence composed of horizontal wooden slats. This style of fence has a very rustic style of beauty, but it is difficult to build a horizontal slat fence that is high enough to keep in anything that is capable of jumping or climbing. While beautiful and interesting to look at, a slat fence is probably a bad idea for protecting children from a road or housing a dog that can jump.

Stockade Style Fence

The stockade fence is one of the most familiar styles of fencing that is currently sold. Because the solid wall built with a stockade fence can serve as an effective privacy barrier as well as a safe enclosure, it is frequently used to fence in back yards in crowded areas. Stockade fencing is built with wooden slats, though some choose a wood grain vinyl slat style due to the low cost and low maintenance of vinyl fencing.

Wooden Lattice Fence

While using lattice work is rare for an entire fence, it does make a great compromise between the open and airy look of a picket or slat fence and the safety of a stockade style fence. Lattice fencing is for placing on top of a solid privacy fence to help the fence seem more interesting and inviting. A lattice fence offers a little bit of a view into the surrounding area without leaving the large spaces of a picket style fence that allow animals to squeeze through.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are not particularly attractive, but they make up for their plain appearance in utility. Chain link fencing is one of the cheapest and simplest fencing types to set up, and does a great job of protecting children and animals from busy roads and dangerous areas without blocking the view. A chain link fence can be as high or low as the homeowner wishes, though the norm is usually only about three to four feet.

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