Used Tillers


Are you ready to become a Gardener?

Do you have the equipment to make it an easier job?

Are Used Tillers a wise investment?

As you try to discover your answers to those questions I would like to offer you a few things I have learned through the years about tillers. My experience comes both from gardening and running an equipment rental store for over 30 years.

First off, even though you are anxious to become a gardener you are interested in finding a good deal and they are available in used tillers. However it is kind of a “Buyer Beware” and some folks will take one look and decide to stay in that crowd that believes everything bought should be brand new. Now I will be the first to say that your research should include discovering as much as possible about new garden tillers, brands available, prices and dependability.

Your local equipment rental store is the best place to pay a visit to quickly acquire an education about used tillers. Most will have different styles and brands available both for sale and for rent. It is not at all uncommon for a rental store to rent one or brand and offer a different style and brand for sale. It is called marketing, in most cases the rental unit is of heavy duty, top quality and built to last while the less expensive unit offered for sale is light weight and built to sell. However both have a place in the market and can be a good buy.

In the real world an avid gardener will not work his tiller everyday, maybe not even once a week so the “New Unit” will nearly always live out its guarantee but most of the time it is sitting idle. The rental unit is built to last even when used every day and by different gardeners within that day.

Your next recommended step in researching used tillers is to rent one and put it through its paces. Yes it is a used but well maintained unit. Is that not what you are looking for at a bargain price? The rental unit will be heavy as in pounds but do not be turned off because of the weight, you will not be loading and unloading it very often and the added weight will do a better job. Depending on the size of your garden it may be wise to rent on more than one occasion and try a different style each time.

Yes, Used Tillers can be a good investment but do your homework.

More Used Tillers Information available on our website.

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