Water Garden

A water garden is simply a garden that features plants and water instead of the traditional plants and mud. Transforming your garden in this way will instantly set you home apart from everyone else in you street, or even the entire neighborhood. Water gardens are an excellent feature in any climate, but if you do live in an area that tends to remain dry, it may be wise to consider skipping out on this type of transformation and stick to something that more suits your local area.

If you want to going ahead with building a water garden for you property, it will be necessary to pop down to your local garden center (or visit one online) and decide if you are going to create one yourself from plans or hire a professional contractor to do the heavy duty work for you.

For anyone brave enough to go with the self build option, it is likely that you will be making several trip to you local garden center for supplies to pick up the necessary equipment and knick knacks that will ultimately make you water garden completely stand out amongst its peers. The two main pieces of equipment that will be needed during the construction of you very own large scale is, as with a pool, the water garden filter and water garden pump. The pump will be needed to keep the water from becoming stagnant and generating mold whilst the filter will allow your garden feature to maintain its clear look and remove and debris.

Once the entire project has been completed, you can add a variety of water garden fish, plants and even a water fountain or two if you really intend to go overboard.

If you really like the idea of transforming you garden but do not currently have sufficient space or money to construct a full scale pond water garden, you still may be able to opt for a water garden. are equivalent to the larger garden versions, with the exception that they are contained in a smaller space – is tends to be a pot or a trough like structure.

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