Weed Trimmer

Weeds are persistent pesky plants. Battling their growth requires the same level of persistence, least we lose out and allow these weeds to take over our gardens.

Weeds are undesirable plants for a variety of reasons. They rob – literally speaking – our plants of the required nutrients for their healthy and optimal growth. Weeds can also provide a breeding ground for unwanted pests that can ruin the beauty of our gardens. Weeds also compete with the moisture in the soil, moisture that some of our plants will not be able to live without.

Truly, controlling the growth of weeds is of paramount concern for gardeners all around the world.

For a lot of gardeners, purchasing a weed trimmer is the best way to get rid of these undesirable weeds. But here’s a revelation: a weed trimmer is not the total weed solution you may have been expecting? Why?

Even if weeds are trimmed, their roots and seeds will remain. A weed trimmer will only get rid of the topmost parts of weeds. This may beautify the garden instantly, but such is only a temporary effect. Beneath the surface, the weeds will continue to grow, and come the next cycle, they’ll be back in full force to plague our gardens.

What should be done?

For starters, the idea of relying solely on a weed trimmer should be dispensed with. More manual work is needed, unfortunately, and such work should be done.

One the topmost parts of the weeds are trimmed, cultivate the soil. Dig a foot of ground for the area concerned, and turn over the soil. This will bring the buried seeds and seedlings to the top.

Wait for one to three weeks, until the new weeds sprout. Trim them again, and repeat the process.

In the meantime, you can apply some herbicide that is safe for your growing crops to minimize the growth of the weeds.

You have to do this over and over again until the weeds are completely wiped out.

Indeed, the process does sound physically taxing, but again, it is that must be done. Other weed control solutions will be temporary. The best way to deal with matters is to go straight to the root of things, figuratively and literally speaking. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that your garden will be weed-free once the process is completed. You won’t have to worry about those pesky nutrient-robbers anymore.

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