What Are Wind Spinners and Where to Use Them


If you are unsure what wind spinners are this information will be useful to you. Wind spinners have come a long way since their origin starting from the wind mill . They may be called many different names including: eye-catcher, pinwheel, whirligig, spinner, twirler & twister. Some think of wind spinners as a child’s toy made of a wheel of paper or plastic curls attached at its axle to a stick by a pin, which is designed to spin when blown upon by a person or the wind. The wind spinners I will be discussing here are made of stainless steel and have many perks to its existence.

Wind spin ners that are made of heavy duty 400 series 18-gauge stainless steel are the best on the market. wind spinners that are made of stainless steel last better & longer in the outdoor weather because they are guaranteed not to rust. That’s why it is important when looking for a wind spinner to check and see if it’s made of stainless steel. Also look for wind spinners that may come with a heavy-duty s wivel hook for easy hanging and turning in the wind. W ind spinners can come in many different forms, themes, colors, shapes, and sizes. There is always one for everybody !

How would you use wind spinners? They can be placed almost anywhere because of the different sizes they come in. Some wind spinners come as small as three-four in diameter. These of wind spinners can be hung on your car mirror, anywhere in the house, your office or even as a tree ornament. These wind spinners make the perfect little gifts for people. Another size of wind spinners made available are eight inches and are perfect for on the deck, porch or in a window. And the most popular size is the twelve inch wind spinners. These are the perfect size for outdoor use as lawn ornaments in a tree branch, hook stand or hanging from a gazebo or arbor. Lawn ornaments do not need to be restricted to the ground. Wind spinners make great lawn ornaments at and above eye-level because of there beautiful ability to reflect the sun’s light almost anywhere you put them. Be creative with your selection of wind spinners and where to put them. The possibilities are endless.

When choosing a wind spinner made of steel make sure to check that it’s made of stainless steel. Also keep in mind where you want to put your wind spinner in case you may need to buy a hook stand or hanging wire. Most wind spinners come with a heavy duty swivel hook for easy turning. Follow the instructions on how to fan out your spinner for easier turning from the wind. Hope this information helps you better understand what these types of wind spinners are and how to choose one and where to put it.

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