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Flowering Trees – Unique Touch to Your Landscape

If you are looking for an alternative to the standard bushes, vines, or shrubs, you might want to consider flowering trees as a great way to enjoy all the attraction of a flowering plant but with the practicality of a tree. A great example for you, would be a flowering shade tree, which can easily block out any unsightly views whilst still be able to provide hundreds of delightful flowers during certain seasons during the year.

The most common the trees that flower are either fruit trees or flowering tropical trees. To discover which type of tree will thrive in your area, it will be necessary to do a little research or consult you local nursery. This will enable you to determine which type you can choose by learning the style of flower, distinct scent, and prime growing regions

The fruit trees which are the most common of the flowering variety will produce flowers prior to the fruiting season (usually in the summer). Probably the most popular of the flowering fruit trees is the flowering cherry tree and also the flowering weeping cherry tree. Whilst both of these plants will product ample supplies of cherries, the regular tree will stand in more of an upright position and is better used for shade than the weeping version.

If you looking for a fruit tree that will provide lots of shade than your can’t do wrong with a flowering pear tree, which is able to grow to a great height. Furthermore, the flowering peach tree and flowering plum tree is able to produce delightful flowers which you will appreciate during the spring time, this is however, dependent on your climate. A truly magnificent tree that will have your neighbors jealous in delight is the flowering crab apple tree which is a sight to behold when in full bloom.

For anyone that is not into fruits, the flowering dogwood tree might be right up your street. This tree type does not produce any human edible fruits even though it does go to flower during the springtime. The flowers are truly special and are not easily confused with any other flowering type trees. The magnolia tree is also in the same category of flowering trees without fruit.

Koi Fish Ponds

A typical reason that many people keep a pond is to keep fish in it. Koi is an admired type of fish to keep in a pond due to it being colorful and hardy. Unless the pond will be located in an area that has extreme weather conditions, Koi fish ponds will not need assistance from special heating equipment. If it’s your aim to maintain fish in the fond, it is likely that pumps and filters will need to be used. These are essential to ensure that your fish received the appropriate oxygen level. For anyone living in a cold climate, it will also be necessary to take advantage of a heater to prevent the water from freezing over.

Koi is a Japanese word that means carp. Koi is a species of carp that originated in eastern Asia and is related closely to the common goldfish. These fish are available in different varieties that are distinguishable by their colors, pattern, and scales.

A koi will require a lot of space. They are certainly not the type of fish to keep in your home, if you intend to keep Koi; they must be accommodated with 240 gallons per fish. The quantity of koi that you may be kept will largely be determined by the size and depth of the koi pond. Due to koi being cold water fish you will need to have a meter or more in depth in environments that have humid summers. It is reside in a region that has severe winters then you should not have a koi pond that is less the 41/2 feet deep. This is critical so that the water does not freeze solid because the deeper the pond, the more water you will have the does not freeze.

Koi fish will eat on a selection of foods. These include foods such as peas and lettuce. It is also possible to buy specialist koi food. For the winter months the koi digestive system slows down noticeably. In truth is not uncommon for koi to munch on just a few nibbles of algae during the full winter period. In view of this reason, you should not really feed you koi once the water drops below 50 degrees. Because their digestive system will basically grind to a halt, any food they have in stomach once the water hits below 50 degrees, may go rancid and this could harm the koi fish ponds environment.

Planting Shrubs for Your Landscape

Having landscaping shrubs will certainly improve the curb side appearance of your property. The shrubs are readily available to you in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be molded and crafted into nearly any shape that you could imagine. Although, it may be difficult to decide on which shrub to purchase, taking into account that there are hundreds to choose from, you should always make you final decision based on what you want it to do over time. An example, being, if it’s your preference to have shrubs that will go on to flower or shrubs that you can later turn into a maze or sculpture.

If you are searching for a flowering shrub you should focus your attention on the world renowned rose shrub. Roses are available in a massive selection of different colors and will grow in nearly any climate region. They have established themselves as a beautiful flower in both look and scent, and are at home in practically any garden.

Turning to the azalea shrub which is gaining it own popularity and may, at some stage, actually be considered more attractive than the rose shrub. Nevertheless, any flowering shrub you plant in your home’s landscaping will instantly make your home look more delightful. Other shrubs renowned for their flowering ability will include the lilac shrub, and the holly shrub.

To build yourself a hedge maze or some unique plant sculptures, then look no further than the evergreen shrub varieties. Generally considered to be the most common of these ‘architectural shrubs’ is the hedge shrub, or boxwood shrub. Having been used for centuries throughout Europe, the boxwood shrub is an asset to anyone’s property, simply for the reason of outlining the garden with shrubs, or with more imagination, creating a stunning hedge maze. These shrubs are typically grown in shady areas, and once they reach maximum height will be able to create shape, making the hedge shrub a perfect tool as a shade shrub.

Fruit Trees Can Decorate Your Landscape

If you’re looking for an interesting way to decorate you property then why not consider adding fruit trees throughout your yard. The main benefits that you will achieve from planting a tree, is the shade due to its height, along with seasonal fruits and beautiful flowers. With your own hand picked trees, you will discover that the fruits you are able to gather are at a high quality and likely to taste better than same fruit type from your local grocery store. There just seems to be something that people from around the world find delectable from home grown fruits.

When deciding on which tree to grow, make sure to visit a garden nursery prior to making you final decision so that you know everything there is to know about the care instructions and which trees that will thrive in your climate region.

Not every tree that produces fruit will be suitable for human consumption. One example of this is the Bradford pear tree. This type of tree will be perfectly suited to feed to local wildlife, but when it comes to humans, the fruits and certainly of ornamental value only. This can also be said with regards to the Tea tree, which is an interesting tree that will only produce inedible seedpods but does not actually produce anything that remotely flavors tea.

Further examples of tree that will produce inedible fruits are the Ficus tree and Mesquite tree. If you are interested in feeding any local fauna, it would be a good idea to purchase any of these trees. Also, although not exactly the type of tree to grow fruit on, a bonsai tree is an excellent decorative item of inside your home.

There are many of us that always like to eat own fruits though, and there is certainly a great selection of trees to satisfy you needs. Apple trees are a classic choice of tree that is perfect in nearly any climate. The flowers that an apple tree produces are simply wonderful and the fruits grown taste truly delicious. Alternatively, you attempt to grow you own nuts from trees like the Walnut or the Pecan.

Go and visit you local tree nursery to discover which fruit trees are currently available for you to buy.

Vines for Easy and No Hassle Landscape

Climbing vines could be the plants for you if you are looking for a gardening choice that requires literally no effort to make them grow. These wonderful and unique types of plants can be ideal for people that don’t have much spare time in the day and to dedicate to making their outdoor plants grow by the use of constant care and fertilizer.

Further to that, you can make use of your vines to easily cover any unsightly areas of your garden such as horrid link fences or some unfinished areas of your home. There are two options when it comes down to purchasing vines, as you can choose either the non-flowering vine option or the flowering vine option. It is even possible to purchase vines that are capable of producing fruit, such as vineyard vine.

If you looking for an excellent alternative to bushes or tress, than why not go for a flowing vine, which have certainly gained popularity over recent years? The trumpet vine is one of the most popular flowering vines. Also known by the name hummingbird vine, this plant will develop large, colorful flowers which as a good food source for hummingbirds. If you on the hunt for a flowing plant that is not so audacious, discover the corkscrew vine. It has flowers that are uniquely shaped, smaller in size and generally only arrive in more muted colors.

Other popular flowering vines that have their own unique style of growth and delightful flowers include the kudzu vine and the Black Eyed Susan vine. As a point to remember, the kudzu vine will generally grow very quickly and extremely well, and can quite easily cover a house within just a few short years.

If you are interested in a vine that does more than just look attractive, consider purchasing a muscadine vine. The vines are both practical and pretty, as they are capable of producing great fruits that may be eaten or used to produce your own in-house brewed wine. It is, however, extremely important that you understand the basics of pruning a grape vine, so should certainly do some research on the techniques by simply browsing around on grape vine pruning websites.

Grass To Make Your Property Look Great

If you live in a climate that is a bit lacking when it comes to foliage, such as a desert, you could definitely consider adding that touch of greenery to the property. There is not better way to add color to your landscape than by adding grass – as it can be cheap to put down and requires limit maintenance, when compared to shrubs or trees.

If however, the area that you locate is subjected to frequent dry spells or droughts, there is likely to be a limit to the amount of grass that can be installed, so make sure to check out any information required from the city hall prior to starting to add grass to every patch of mud on your property.

Apart, form being simply to maintain and flexibility, grass has various other uses. For example, it may be tempting to turn your grass into a grass skirt or make some wheat grass juice out of its once if has grown long enough.

Grasses that may be laid across your lawn comes in a variety of appearances, shapes and sizes, so you will certainly discover a grass that will just suit your needs. When it comes to planting the lawn, practically any grass will do, including Buffalo grass and St. Augustine grass. These two styles of grasses are capable of growing in nearly any part of America, and are soft enough to allow the kids to play on. Further to this, they can be extremely durable and capable of lasting throughout the year; this is assuming that adequate water is supplied.

An alternative, you can attempt to plant ornamental grass around the yard. The ornamental grass is not the best for use as turf, but is great for planting around shrubs and trees to accept them. Such grasses will include the blue grass like lemon grass and pampas grass. These types of grass are both capable of growing a much taller height than the more traditional lawn grasses, therefore requires more maintenance, similar to a shrub.

The last option available to you would be to purchase some artificial grass, which will give more scope in its use. A example, may be, that you want an indoor putting green in you home, artificial grass is the way to go for this. Furthermore, it will be perfectly suitable to add artificial grass to your property if your climate conditions don’t tend to allow grasses to grow well.

A Copper Sprinkler Adds a Touch of Class to Your Lawn

If you take a great deal of pride in the appearance of your lawn, you may want to consider replacing your current sprinklers with a copper sprinkler system. One thing that will never really appeal to you is having a plain old sprinkler head on your lawn.

Here are some examples of how these attractive sprinkler heads may give you the look you desire.

The most common of the copper type sprinkler heads is the model that is able to rotate and covers a wide area of your lawn. Generally constructed of copper fittings and brass swivels, these units are often at ground level and can be designed to appear as decorate garden globes when not in use. When activated, the sprinkler will be able to extent in size from six to eighteen inches in height and adequately supply water to a large area of your garden.

Having a sprinkler system that has the appearance of various types of flowers may appeal to your sense of aesthetics. These units can be discreetly placed islands and flowerbeds, and aimed in the direction of the lawn. When not in action, they are able to easily blend in to your landscaping plan. When active, a sprinkler system of this type is able to provide adequate watering for range of up to fifteen feet in diameter.

There are also the sprinkler systems that have a smaller range of coverage per head that might be more appealing to you. This will result in more of a misting effect and are great of flower beds and vegetable gardens. Whilst not a visually effective as the flower sprinkler, they do tend to create that sense of ambiance without being too much of an eyesore. This type of unit, typically has anywhere from six to twelve sprinkler heads, with each being capable of covering a thirty-foot diameter with a fine mist of water.

It should not be impossible to blend the utility of a robust sprinkling system with an appearance that works wondering with your landscaping. For inspiration on how you can accomplish this task, visit your local garden centre and discover the various types of decorative sprinklers on the market. Chances are that you will find a copper sprinkler system that is ideal for your lawn.

Why have your garden designed?

The garden is an intrinsic part of your home, and if well designed, will give enormous interest and pleasure. As well as adding to the quality of your life it will add to the value of your property.

A first rate designer will draw on their practical experience and knowledge combined with artistic flair, to give a result which is tailored to the clients wishes and needs.

A garden should be an extension of your living area and like the inside of your home, must be beautiful and exciting as well as practical.

Good design is where function and mood have been correctly identified and reconciled in an aesthetically satisfying solution.

How to Enhance Your Backyard with Garden Statues & Stepping Stones

Garden statues and stepping stones can do a whole lot to your backyard space or your garden. When planning a garden or landscaping makeover, consider using garden statues and stepping stones. They come in many different forms, shapes, sizes and colors. Here you will learn of different kinds of garden statues and ways to incorporate those and stepping stones in your garden or backyard to enhance your lawn décor overnight!

Some popular garden statues you see are garden gnomes. Many gnomes are silly little old men doing things such as mowing the lawn, sleeping in the grass while while ‘working’ or holding their grand – baby in his arms. Garden gnomes are a great way to add some color and humor.

Another form of garden statues you’ll find are the very popular cherub(s) garden statues and little boy/girl garden statues. These garden statues are popular because they are so cute! You can add them anywhere in your garden and they are sure to look inviting.

Some other fun forms of garden statues can be Disney characters, solar light garden statues, frogs and other kinds of wild life garden statues. Some garden statues come in the form of welcome signs or yard markers (for example by the mailbox, the corners of the driveway, etc.). Have fun with your garden statues; the possibilities are endless!

Stepping stones are another great way to add a personal touch to your backyard. You can use them functionally as actual paths to walk on or you can use them to purely decorate an area that may be difficult to do anything else with . Stepping stones are great because they are so easy to decorate with; you just place them where you want them and that’s it, you’re done! You can put stepping stones right in the grass to make a path or in an already landscaped area of rock or wood chips. Either way, stepping stones are surely easy to deal with.

Stepping stones come in different sizes and materials. They are often made of concrete, natural stone, resin and /or polyresin. Some garden stones come versatile with a hook to hang as a plaque. You may choose to do this when choosing d ecorative stepping stones. For example, some decorative stepping stones come with a beautifully painted picture of hummingbirds or butterflies on them. When using these decorative stepping stones for your backyard you may want to consider using them for decorative purposes only or where they will be stepped on very little . When choosing stepping stones for the sole purpose of walking on from a day to day basis then you might want to choose stepping stones that are smoother on the surface than the pretty textured and painted ones to avoid damaging them.

Incorporating stepping stones with garden statues in your backyard is easy and easy to maintain. No watering, no staining, no maintenance. Once the stepping stones and garden statues are in their places, you’re done! You can now enjoy the beautifully landscaped garden you have always wanted for little or no up-keep at all. Garden stones and statues also make the perfect gift for a friend in need of a landscaping makeover. With the selection made available today, you will find something for anyone!

Exploring The World Of Synthetic Tennis Turf

Artificial turf or synthetic grass for sports is a large industry, including tennis. Turf used for tennis is a great alternative to regular grass courts. There are several different types of artificial grass products designed specifically for sports like tennis. Artificial grass is a low maintenance and aesthetically beautiful playing surface for tennis. Many recreational and training tennis courts are made from clay. The French Open is also played on clay courts. These clay courts are typically made from crushed shale, brick, or stone. The hard surface of clay courts can usually contribute to a strong bounce for tennis balls. Clay surface tennis courts are usually cheaper to install, however, its high maintenance in comparison to grass courts is much more costly. Clay courts must be rolled and balanced to make sure that the playing surface is level and safe for performance.

Grass courts tend to be more expensive initially, but typically require less maintenance. Wimbledon is played on a traditional natural grass court. Natural grass courts are made from grass grown on hard-packed soil. Grass court surfaces can tend to be a bit more slippery of a surface, requiring players to get to the ball faster. Grass courts must be mowed, watered, and maintained just like any other natural grass lawn. Due to the moderately high cost of maintenance, including the cost of watering, more and more tennis courts have converted to the use of a less costly surface.

Synthetic grass tennis court surfaces are a very low maintenance alternative to both natural grass and clay courts. The infill for artificial grass tennis courts is comprised of silica, sand, and sometimes crushed rubber. This ensures that the grass is durable and can withstand strong play and performance. Maintenance is minimal with artificial turf tennis courts. Since there is absolutely no watering required, the cost of maintenance is cheaper than that of natural grass courts. Simple maintenance for artificial grass courts includes removing surface debris, including leaves or other organic debris. Taking preventative measures also helps with maintaining the quality of the court. This includes making sure athletes do not use excessively muddy or dirty shoes that can get trapped in the infill.

Artificial grass courts prove to be a wonderful alternative to traditional clay or natural grass courts because of its low maintenance. Though it’s up front cost may be a bit more expensive, a lot of money can be saved on maintenance over time. This includes water and energy bills used for watering and mowing. This also includes labor costs for rolling clay courts on a regular basis. Since synthetic grass courts do not need fertilizer to maintain its green color, artificial grass tennis courts look healthy all year long. Despite weather changes or transitions between seasons, artificial grass tennis courts always maintain their lush and natural appearance. Water logging or bacterial spores are of no concern for synthetic grass courts due to its design. Water can permeate through easily, draining any liquid or rain that may come into contact with the surface of the court. Whether it is smaller recreational or training courts, to large courts used by professionals, synthetic grass tennis courts are the impressive alternative.

Tiger Express Landscape is a manufacturer and supplier of artificial turf and synthetic grass for residential and commercial uses. Our Artificial Turf can be used for landscaping, golf greens and sports fields.